Here it is! First version of Map to Contact just hit the Windows Phone Store. What is it for? It meant to solve the problem of adding address to your contact. Say you want to add address of your friend to get directions to his place. Out of the box it’s not a nice experience and this app will definitely improve it. The idea came from Budniu and he helped me a lot with the testing and during the certification process.

How to use it? Just tap on the point of the map to display the address there. You can also check your current location. The location can be added to new contact or linked with existing one.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone does not allow third-party application to fiddle with your contacts. However, I found a workaround by creating new contact with the same details. The phone will link them together and address will be visible in the contact.

The application is priced at 0,99USD. I want to earn some money after all. However, there is a trial version available. It doesn’t have any limitations, I just added annoying popup before saving contact which requires to answer simple question. If you want full version for free, keep an eye on a price, I’m planning some discounts in near future.

I’m aware that the application isn’t perfect yet. There are still rough edges which need to be polished. I had problems with certifications and at first I was focused on passing it. Now, when the app is in the Store I can start working on updates. If you have some suggestions feel free to contact me.

Last but not least… Screenshots and links.