Computer: Macbook Air 16 with M2 chip


Computer: Thinkpad L14 with AMD Ryzen


Standing desk (but )

Chair: Silver Monkey ( nothing fancy, )

Mouse: Logitech Master 3 Keyboard: Blitzqwolf BW-Mini75 - cheaper alternative to Nuphy Air75. I wanted to check if I like low profile mechanical keyboard and this is quite nice. However I feel I would get tacktile switches next time.

Headphones: Bose 700 Speakers: Creative A140 (used)

Watch: Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Monitor: Samsung 28" 4K


Laptop stand:

Desk pad - something cheap from Action

Phone: Motorola Edge 30 Fusion


Main IDE: Visual Studio - for work and most of my development Secondary IDE: Visual Studio Code - for editing web stuff or Garmin development Notes: Obsidian Music: Spotify Movies: VLC Browser: Vivaldi Passwords: KeePass

RSS: Feedly Email: Gmail