Since I switched to static site generator, I had a bit of an issue with the way I had to update the website. When I created new post nd wanted to publish it, I had to generate all the pages and put it on a server.

It wasn’t much of a problem on my main computer because everything was set up. However, I wanted to be able to easily publish from other computer without setting everything up.

I’ve put source of my website on GitHub and I wanted to check ig I will be able to use GitHub Actions to do it.

GitHub Actions is a CI/CD platform which can help to automate building and deploying processes for software. I used to do someting like this with external tool like Jenkins and I didn’t realize that GitHib have something like this available for free.

I don’t want to make a tutorial for the process, but take a look at the step by step guide written by Christian.

There were 2 things I had to change:

  • I used password for SSH key, so I also had to use it when using rclone
  • My hosting server uses custom port for SSH, so another parameter had to be added.

That’s it. Configuration took me maybe an hour, because of the issues with authorization. When script finally worked, it updated server every time repo changes. All I need is to push new stuff.

I’m amazed that such a service is available for free and I havent’t tested it earlier. Now I’m thinking of other ways I can use it, eg. at work to help with submodules workflow.